The Sukebe Chair

The chair sent from erotic heaven, and a feature of many Japanese nuru massage sessions.

Sukebe chair comes from the Japanese word 'sukebe isu', which means 'perverted chair' and derives from specially made chairs that were first used in nursing homes to give invalids a sponge bath, as they have a u-shaped hole under the seat to allow the nurse to check and wash the genital and anal area. The soaphouses, where adult workers would rub their naked bodies in hot, soapy water and then use their body to give clients an erotic body to body massage, these ladies then started to incorporate the sukebe chair into their massages to pleasure their customers.

So hows does it work?

Men can sit on the stool, and the hole underneath the chair gives from the soapy masseuse to lather the genital and anal area in bubbles, and play with the man's testicles until he is really turned on. It allows her to do this without the danger of the man slipping on the soapy water, or having to stand for a long time, as it is a comfortable for both the client and the masseuse, and it gives a sensual charge to the massage.

A visually pleasing massage too.

As the client is sitting in an upright position, it allows them to see every part of the naked masseuse when the she is facing the man from the front. This of course adds to visual excitement to the proceedings. The erotic masseuse can also massage both sides of the body without having to turn the client around, and the u-shaped hole gives he full access to the penis.

This type of massage feels fantastic, is fun and hygienic too. It is an excellent way to warm up for the main soapy or nuru massage, however many guys may just like to sit on the sukebe chair for the whole session as the feeling of the masseuse rubbing your shaft can lead to an explosive orgasm as you may well imagine.