Soapy Massage Sessions

The cousin of nuru massage, soapy sometimes gets forgotten, but it is just as good.

As you can see the whole of this website is dedicated to nuru massage, however soapy is an important part of it as well. These two erotic body to body massages are essentially the same, just divided by the type of gel used, one uses nuru gel the other uses shower gel and water.

It can be compared to say the United Kingdom and the United States, two similar countries with the only separation being the language. The Yanks just haven't got used to speaking proper English yet (haha, sorry American readers, only joking).

So what happens in a soapy massage?

As many of you have probably already personally experienced, or seen on adult massage videos, soapy massage is a very sensual and sexy treatment.

The session will start off with both the masseuse and her client stripping off and heading into the shower for some super shared shower sexy fun (whoa that was a lot of 's' based words).

The masseuse will scrub and clean every single part of the recipients body, making sure no body part gets ignored, from the neck, back and down to legs, this feels fantastic. She will kneel behind and reach around to clean your most intimate areas, and will of course make sure your penis is super clean and ready action. All this is to prepare you for stage two.

The masseuse will then guide her client to a blow up mattress, she will have you lay face down to begin with. She will give your body a really nice deep tissue massage, which over the course of the session will get ever more erotic. You will then be asked to turnover where the real fun begins.

She will soapy up your body is shower gel and bubbles, and proceed to give you an outstanding body to body massage.

You feel her soft smooth skin glide across yours. Having a sexy naked woman do this too you feels and visually looks fantastic.

This of course will conclude with a fabulous ecstatic happy ending, just like in the videos. The client will feel great afterwards, fully relieved, refreshed and clean.

If this sounds like something you want to try then head over to the Providers page where you will find a list of erotic masseuses and agencies who can provide you with a soapy massage in your city or a city close to you.