Nuru Masseuses come in all shapes and sizes and from all different backgrounds.

We personally consider nuru masseuses to be like angels that were sent down from heaven to provide us with some joy and relaxation.

It can take months to learn nuru massage and years to perfect it to a high professional level. These lovely girls are extremely skilled at what they do.

You only have to look at any nuru massage video to see what is involved. It is not just the different positions that the masseuses learn but the whole performance. 

From welcoming their client into their apartment, massage parlour and then giving them an experience which they will remember for the rest of their lives.

As people we constantly rave about a great restaurant and how talented the chef must be but we never really do the same with nuru masseuses.

Why isn't there an X-Factor type of show for nuru masseuses.

They could battle it off against each other to see who comes victorious as the number on nuru or soapy masseuse on planet earth.

We are personally glad that there is not show like this, as one of the things that makes nuru massage cool is the fact that it is private, independent and creative. 

According to Lust Marketing, a marketing agency who provide SEO for escorts and erotic massage providers there is a growing trend of interest in nuru massage.

Just take a look at this Google Trends date for the search term 'nuru massage'...

Nuru masseuses will shower your body in erotic adulation and assist you in releasing any stress and fatigue that may be hidden inside your body.

Forget seeing the doctor, who is only going to prescribe you with some rubbish pills, which he probably gets paid by the pharmaceutical company to do, and go and see a nuru masseuse.

She will clear you headache and strains inside one or two hours. Afterwards you will feel bright, alert and very satisfied. This is why they have been sent from heaven.

So please raise a glass and give a toast the best erotic masseuses on plane earth.