Kasia Kaoir is one of the best nuru massage therapists in New York.

Nuru Love caught some time with Kasia to find out her thoughts about nuru massage, and what you can expect when you visit her for a slippery session.

Tell us about Kasia Kaoir?

I am one of the most sought-after and leading curators of bodywork treatments Worldwide. Being a Nuru provider is what put me on the radar. I've always incorporated Nuru into my practice. Which has lead me to offer over 15 different massage services? From traditional to non-traditional massage techniques. I provide something for everyone. With the use of my Custom Designed Massage Table, I've taken Nuru to another level.

How did you first come to know about the Nuru Massage?

I first found out about the Nuru massage back in 2011, while working in New York City as a sensual Bodyworker. I was infatuated with the fluidity of BodySliding / Gliding. Being able to utilize one's entire body to massage another, is Epic!

What made you want to become a Nuru Masseuse?

Well, I love niche markets. I've also started a few trends of my own. Besides, there's no expense of Nuru Certifications. Everyone develops their own style. Your start-up is the Gels, Nuru Mattress or sheet, and a few ad placements.

You are based in New York, have you found Nuru Massage becoming increasingly popular in the city?

Nuru was a Novelty back  2010- 2013. When I started offering Nuru in 2011, I found that it largely appealed to those outside of NYC. So I packed my supplies and toured the roads less travelled. I quickly became, " supply and demand." New York is a Hub for Nuru, so there is no shortage of providers here. While the art form has increased. The Authenticity of the product has been compromised. There are a large number of providers offering something similar to Nuru, called "Japanese Style." which is used with massage oil. NOT the Nuru Gel.

Is New York a great place for erotic massage in general?

Absolutely, New Yorkers are always in a rush! If you live in NY or even visit. You get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the scene. We all need human touch, for a different kind of energy. Especially those residing in New York. LOL

What can people expect when they visit you for their Nuru Massage Appointment?

When you visit me for a nuru massage NYC style, you can expect a 3-course meal. I begin with a sensual oil massage, then a Soapy Shower. Followed by an "Authentic Body on Body Slide", with the use of Grade A premium Nuru Gel. I never falter from your experience. It's pivotal to the overall build up!

For more information about Kasia visit her website www.kkbodyrub.com